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“The spirit of a language reveals itself most clearly in its untranslatable words."
Maria von Ebner-Eschenbach

The motto suggests the real difficulty facing the interpreter, who is irreplaceable in the process of translation. There are no ‘translating machines’ which, at the touch of a few buttons, can take any text in any language and produce a perfect translation in any other language without human intervention or assistance. This means that the process of translation, complicated and difficult as it may be, is based not only on a good command of vocabulary and grammar rules of a source language but first of all on the deep cultural knowledge of the country where it is spoken. A good translator, therefore, needs to acquire the fluency thanks to a direct contact with a foreign language and its speakers. It is a starting point for the international team of, capable of making accurate and natural translations of all types, whether written or oral.


All our translators, apart from long work experience with important companies, developed their linguistic and cultural competence during longer stays in the source language countries, because only in-depth knowledge of customs and traditions guarantees reliable and faithful translation, even when it comes to idiomatic and culturally specific contents.­

Quality Control

During the strict quality control phase, native speakers of the target languages and in-house proofreaders work side by side to verify that the foreign language text is intact and properly laid out.


We are able to offer our translation services in the following languages: Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, English and Polish. If you need translation in other languages, we would ask that you please contact us. We will most certainly find a way to cater to your request.

Our Services

Online Quote Request

Our website enables you easlily get a fast and precise quote, which will help to plan your workflow and necessary investment. If you had further inquiries you can contact us through email or use our phone number.

Interpreters at your service

Do you need interpreting support on business trips? Do you have to organize an international event or meeting? Whatever your needs may be, our team includes qualified interpreters that know not only the language but also possess in-depth knowledge of the culture of the target language. Professionalism and discretion are an essential part of our service. Also Available in Japanese and Chinese. A detailed price quote on request.

Written Translations

All the translations are carefully verified by a native speaker in order to provide a unique service at no additional cost. You can choose a mode of delivery, by e-mail, or by post/fax. STC translation offers also a professional graphic edition of all translated documents, presentations, posters or books etc. Certified translation is available on request.

Specialised and Technical Translation

We are aware that highly specialized translation (for instance dealing with mechanics, engineering or scientific medicine) requires not only in-depth knowledge of the language but also of a technical field. Our translation company offers quality results under the supervision of certified and competent translation industry experts. STC translation is the only company that provides such services at low prices and with clear procedures.

International Marketing Campaigns

High quality language services are an important part of international business. STC Translation offers various forms of collaboration such as translation and edition of documents or active cooperation with your marketing department. We offer flexible options to adapt our language services to the needs of your business.

Correspondence and business workflow

Good communication based on the knowledge of your audience's cultural background is an important part of your international business contacts. STC Translation provides different service solutions, taking your business from local to global. We offer not only translation across key communication channels (mail or fax etc.) but also support in your business workflow abroad (accounting services and remote secretary or providing our staff for your office in case of longer lasting projects.

Translations of Websites and Web Applications

Awesome Team

Alcuni membri del nostro team di traduttori ed interpreti, tutti con anni di comprovata esperienza alle spalle ed una profonda conoscenza degli usi e costumi delle lingue che trattano. La crew è in continua crescita, garantendo un servizio sempre più esteso per la nostra clientela. Dietro di loro si muove il resto dell'STC Translation Group, i supervisori, gli impaginatori e tutti coloro che rendono possibile tutto questo!
    Mateusz Orszulak

    Mateusz Orszulak

    English, Spanish, Polish

    Mateusz Orszulak studied translation and Romance studies from 2005 to 2010. He has worked on various projects over the last years and continues to develop both his specialist and linguistic knowledge as a freelance translator. His experience includes written and oral translation in Spanish, French and English.

    Olga Rakhaeva

    Olga Rakhaeva

    Russian and Polish

    Olga Rakhaeva graduated from Russian State University of Humanities in Moscow and continued studies of Eastern Europe at Warsaw University. Experienced tutor of Russian in Akcent and Empik language schools in Lodz, freelance translator of Polish and Russian. Enthusiast of cinema, travels and dogs.

    Ewa Smiechowicz

    Ewa Smiechowicz

    French, Italian, Polish

    Graduated in Romance studies at Lodz university and acquired an MBA degree at Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3. Linguist, freelance translator, and currently coordinator of international events. She has travelled a lot between France, Italy and Poland, and cultivates her passion for Romance countries.

    Aleksandra Bojanowska

    Aleksandra Bojanowska

    Spanish, French, Polish

    Tutor and translator in French and Spanish, graduated in Romance studies at Lodz university and Universidade de Santiago de Compostela in Spain. She has worked as teacher and specialized translator for many years. Enthusiast of French wine and Spanish cuisine.

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